Apples and Cherries

By Kimberly Kunaniec
Published: Feb 15, 2014 02:55 AM GMT / 
Updated: Feb 15, 2014 02:55 AM GMT

Two of my favorite fruits are apples and cherries. I love that you can get delicious apples all year round, and sweet summer cherries just make me happy. So, it's no wonder that I've turned these two beautiful fruits into simple granitas. My apple cider granita recipe starts with apple cider that is fortified with extra sugar and spices. I love using brown sugar because of all the extra flavor. Did you know that brown sugar is just a combination of granulated sugar and molasses? The molasses brings an entirely different flavor to the finished granita.

I make my cherry granita recipe with frozen cherries, so it can be made any time of the year. Frozen fruit is typically flash frozen within hours of being picked, so it gets to ripen before being picked and that flavor is preserved. I love recipes like this because they feature the fruit's natural flavor. Adding a little extra sugar and lemon will enhance the cherry, not hide it. Keep your recipes simple and your produce amazing and your recipes will be perfect.


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