Fun Foods

By Kimberly Kunaniec
Published: Mar 03, 2014 11:59 PM GMT / 
Updated: Mar 03, 2014 11:59 PM GMT

Desserts should be fun. They aren't the practical part of the meal. They aren't about eating all your vegetables or getting plenty of protein and whole grains. Desserts are about joy. While they can be healthy, there are plenty of dessert options that really aren't about giving your body the best fuel. Start with my latest FAQ, how do you deep fry ice cream? Take that scoop of chocolate ice cream and deep fry it into an amazingly fun dessert. A crunchy cornflake coating is the perfect exterior for a great scoop of ice cream. It might take a little practice, but it actually isn't that difficult.

Milkshakes are another dessert option that is all about fun. What do you think of when you have a great milkshake? I bet most of your memories and associations are pretty good. If you love peanut butter, try making a peanut butter chocolate milkshake with that same basic ice cream. It's easy to put something together in a hurry that will please just about everyone. You can swap out the peanut butter for other nut butters that you love.

Play with your food this week. It's important to have some joy in your day.


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